805-30 Type 16 Airport Cargo Ball Roller Super 805-30-16 Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

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  • Brand   Ahcell
  • Type   805-30 Type 16
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Euro 805-30 Type 16 Ball Roller with Multi dust holes

Features: High load capacity, low profile, robust construction.
Multi-hole drain plug provides an extra 600% debris hole area to assist in cleaning.

805 Heavy Duty Ball Units
Similar to 800 series units, the 805 ball units incorporate a stainless steel multi-hole drain plug for improved cleaning and debris removal, stainless bearings for corrosion resistance, and no seal for easy cleaning and reduced friction.
The 800, 805, 806, 807, 808 and 810 range of ball units are dimensionally compatible with our Euro Unit range of ball transfer units

805-30 Type 16


Alwayse 805-30

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